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How to Be Sure You’ve Chosen the Best Ocean Carrier for Your Shipments?

When it comes to your business, selecting the right carrier is a significant logistics decision. Going with the wrong company can be a nightmare as it can result in wasted time and angry customers. It’s imperative to have your priorities outlined before selecting a carrier. It’ll be easier to select the right cargo carrier when you know what your greatest needs are. It’s possible that priorities may vary over time. That’s why it’s important to keep the following points in mind when selecting the right carrier for you:


For most businesses, the cost is their highest priority. This is why the budget should factor heavily into the final decision.

The dimensions of your shipment typically decide the price you’ll be charged by the ocean carriers. If you ship less than the container load, the fee will be decided by cubic metres. Always verify with your marine cargo carriers to find the most cost-effective option.


Ships being off schedule aren’t uncommon. For most industries, a late cargo won’t cause much damage. However, in other industries, it might be an expensive delay. Ocean cargo carriers mostly function on weekly programmes. If a vessel misses a cut off at any seaport, it will mean that the consignment will be overdue for quite some time.

Safety is just as important as the timing of your shipment. When choosing a carrier, you trust the company with products worth a lot of money. Accidents occur, some are unavoidable (war, weather, inclement etc.). That’s why it’s important for the cargo carrier you choose to have an updated insurance and an excellent safety record.


It plays an important function in the overall price and the ETT (estimated time of transit) of your consignment. For example, if you’re delivering to the USA from China, you can choose to either pass the Suez Canal or Panama Canal. The Suez Canal has comparatively lower tolls, which benefits your company’s bottom line.

Transhipment is when the cargo has been through one or several destinations before reaching the final destination. If missed, this can setback your shipment by up to a week. This should be taken into account before selecting your carrier and route.

It’s best to conduct a thorough background research before choosing a cargo carrier. The right carrier for the consignment will depend on numerous factors, including the few mentioned above. It may also vary from consignment to consignment. Above everything else, it’s important to make enquires in order to make an informed decision.

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