Things to Consider When Shipping Your Motorcycle

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Things to Consider When Shipping Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle shipping is a delicate task that is conducted by a number of shipping companies, some of them great and others not so much. Being one of the leaders in the industry, operating for over 35 years, we have the expertise required to perform this task while upholding the highest standards.

We understand that your love for your motorcycle won’t allow for mistakes when shipping it. For a motorcyclist, seeing his or her motorcycle getting loaded onto a truck can be frightening. However, there are certain things to make sure that you choose the best service and be at peace with the shipping process.

If you’re a motorcyclist, consider these points for a seamless shipping experience:

  • Avoid shipping with the cheapest provider

Make sure they use the

Don’t settle for a cheap company as you will put in their hands your valued possession. A cheap rate may indicate that your motorcycle will switch trucks on the way. This involves loading and unloading your motorcycle more frequently, increasing the risk of damaging it.

Additionally, inexperienced drivers will make the process longer. Therefore, choosing one of the reputed companies for your motorcycle shipping is a better decision, because you can trust their knowledge.

  • Make sure they use the right equipment

Make sure they use the

The equipment used for transporting your motorcycle should have certain characteristics. For instance, soft straps help prevent any kind of dent, bent or damage caused by the movement of the track. Also, always make sure that your bike is secured inside a metal or wooden pallet. The sides, top and bottom protect your motorcycle from getting hit by other objects during the transport.

  • Ask if they know the overseas rules

Overseas Rules

Different countries have different rules for the use of motorcycles. A good shipping company will know these rules and will inform you about them, preventing you from a headache. For instance, Harley Davidsons are not allowed in Switzerland. If you transport your bike without knowing the rules you have it get stuck in customs.

  • Prepare your motorcycle

It’s important to prepare your motorcycle before handing it over to the shipping company. Drain the fuel tank to a quarter to tighten the gas cap and prevent spills, remove the main fuse and unlock the motorcycle fork to make your bike easy to move.

Prepare your Motorcycle

Be aware of these considerations to ensure a successful transfer of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a motorcycle shipping service, you can contact us and we will guide through the whole process.

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