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Things you shouldn’t pack in cargo shipping container

Things you should NEVER pack in Cargo Shipping Containers!

Moving from one place to another can be pretty complicated but not if you plan and execute it with able and reputed freight and transportation service providers. There are numerous transportation companies who also offer specialized services for shipping automobiles, household goods, and business or forestry products for trade. However, if you are moving from one place to another for the first time there are several things that you ought to know. You need to learn and understand important custom rules and regulations pertaining to overseas shipping. In addition to these specific set of rules, transportation experts suggest a few things that you should never pack into your cargo container. Here we list out some of these things.

Important and valuable documents

International transportation via cargos is quite safe. Yet is a better idea not to keep important and valuable documents for shipment through cargo services. You should always carry crucial papers like birth certificates, marriage records, financial papers, etc. in your own personal luggage while traveling. These documents are difficult to procure and in case they are lost or damaged it could land you in serious trouble!

Jewelry and other similar valuables

Precious jewelry, cash and other valuable goods are best not transported in cargo. Just like your important papers, these valuables are best carried in your own luggage while travel. These losses can be major considering their high value. These things are usually in small boxes or parcels and owing to their size of packaging they run a high risk of being misplaced if shipped in cargo.

Perishable items like food

It is a bad idea to pack perishables in your cargo shipment containers. It is best to dispose such things before you start the shifting process. If at all you have to ship such items, you need to hire transportation services that specialize in such products. Perishable products are temperature sensitive and might spoil during the course of shifting. Specialized service providers have refrigerated containers to transport such stuff. In addition to spoilage, such things can also lead to leakages spoiling other stuff.

Dangerous items

Some items like pressurized spray cans, flammable and items, etc. are always pose a danger. These can burst and cause fires causing irretrievable damage to your goods. In addition to these fire arms and ammunition should also not be transported through cargo. Many countries have strict rules and regulations for any kind of arms, ammunition or weapons. These products are usually licensed and it is important that you make yourself aware of all rules pertaining to such products.

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