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Tips for Over-Sized and Heavy Cargo Shipping

Shipping over-sized and heavy cargo requires special expertise. It’s vital for the shipping company to understand the limitations of moving the over-sized and heavy cargo shipping. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your shipment of over-sized and heavy cargo is handled as smoothly as you expect.

  • Timing is important

The earlier you can tell the shipping company about the over-sized or heavy cargo, the better it will be.  Such loads more than often involve specialized equipment which may be in limited supply. By notifying them beforehand, the carriers can get to work and get the right equipment in place. This ensures there are no delays in the delivery.

  • Information is necessary

Knowing the exact information about the over-sized or heavy cargo is necessary. It’s imperative you know the precise width, length, height and weight of the shipment. You must also provide the model, make and serial number wherever applicable. Transit permits require this information; everything must be correct and complete.

  • The province’s role

Provinces issue individual permits for different shipments. While some provinces handle the requests promptly, some are comparatively slower. It’s a general rule that the bigger the size of the shipment, the longer the permits take to come through. The provincial authorities also determine whether there are any specific travel restrictions in terms of the timing of the day.

  • Detention charges

If your load requires riggers or any other specialized equipment to load and unload, this needs to be coordinated up-front. Specialized equipment used for shipping over-sized and heavy cargo is very expensive and also unavailable, due to increased demand and shortage in supply. If any delays occur in loading or unloading the trucks, a detention charge might become applicable, which can be a significant amount.

  • Tarp troubles

It’s important to know whether your load will require tarping or not. Over-sized or heavy cargo usually requires more tarp than an average carrier has available. If your shipping partner knows about this beforehand, they can make sure the truck has necessary tarps. Pieces that are odd-sized or rather large in size will be difficult to be tarped by the drivers themselves. Any assistance being offered will be much appreciated.

Being aware of the above-mentioned elements ensures your heavy or over-dimensional cargo reaches its destination on time and in good condition. We are here to help with any concerns you may have. Ask us for a free quote on any over-sized or heavy cargo shipping.

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