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Used Car Shipping Service in Toronto, Canada

USED Auto Shipping Tailor made to fit your needs 

The international used auto industry is very competitive, so let Viamar give you the edge you need by shipping more cars for less! High transportation costs can substantially affect your overall profit margin. That’s why Viamar can load up to 3 or 4 used cars per 40 ft container.

Viamar understand that most of our dealers are buying second hand used, salvaged, non running vehicles. Our expert staff can help you arrange to pick up the vehicles directly from the Auctions and load them in shipping Containers.

We can even arrange to offer your free storage for up to 2 weeks so you can purchase all of your vehicles for your shipment. **Some conditions apply for this service**.

Whether you are shipping your car for personal needs, or if you are a car dealer planning to sell vehicles overseas, trust Viamar to take it there. Viamar lives up to all your expectations from a professional exotic car shipping service provider.

Below are some of our most popular destinations for Exporting USED Vehicles:

Middle East, Africa, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Former USSR

We specialize in:

  • Weekly Service to 250 major ports and destinations
  • Professional Loading – 2 , 3 , 4 vehicles in a Container
  • Documentation
  • Lowest Ocean Shipping Rates
  • Marine Insurance

Shipping Your Vehicle is not only about Loading … it’s about Customer satisfaction …

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