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Car Shipping to Africa

Vehicle Shipping to Africa

Shipping a vehicle to Africa has never been so easy, convenient and affordable. With over 40 years of experience in international shipping, Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc. offers reliable services to its customers. Our industry knowledge combined with our extensive network of terminals and ports ensures every customer a smooth and stress-free vehicle delivery process.

At Viamar, we provide both ocean and air freight depending on your timeline, budget and the type of vehicle to be transported. As far as shipping vehicles to Africa is concerned, it comes with a separate set of challenges. After all, Africa is the largest continent and has over 10 ports responsible for imports and exports. The Port of Durban is the largest and busiest shipping terminal in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s the fourth-largest container terminal in the Southern Hemisphere. This continent is composed of 54 individual countries, each with its own shipping rules and restrictions, with some requiring additional paperwork. But with our hardworking team of professionals on board, the delivery process and documentation are seamless and hassle-free, no matter the size of vehicle, no matter the destination. Auto shipping to Africa is simple once you have the right information to move forward. And with Viamar by your side, you don’t need to worry.

What We Ship?

Whether you’re moving abroad with family or sending cargo to a business partner in another country, we’ve got you covered. At Viamar Scilla, we offer comprehensive international shipping services thanks to a highly specialized team, a network of logistics partners, and a sound understanding of the customs-related rules and regulations of many countries. You can count on us to ship your household goods, cars, motorcycles, commercial cargo, project cargo, logs/lumber, and dangerous/hazardous goods to any location worldwide.


We provide quality services at a competitive price with the guarantee of delivering your shipment to its destination on time. Shipping vehicles and other cargo from Canada may sound like a taxing process that involves a lot of paperwork and hassle. But with our overseas shipping services, we promise to make it as simple and seamless as possible.

Types of Vehicles We Ship to Africa

At Viamar, we ship a wide variety of sport, all-terrain, off-road and recreational vehicles across the world, including Africa. From luxury and vintage cars to trucks, motorcycles and other high-end vehicles like boats, yachts, golf carts and jet skis, we have extensive vehicle transport experience. Our team specializes in handling all types of motor vehicles, especially the luxury ones that require extra care. We ensure that all shipments are packed, shipped and delivered safely while offering an exceptional customer service experience.

We offer several shipping options depending on the type of vehicle. Generally, customers shipping older cars prefer enclosed auto transportation as it offers protection and keeps the shipment in good condition during transit.

While your vehicle is in our possession, we take total responsibility for its care. Trust our international shipping services and rest assured that your beloved motor vehicle is in safe hands and will reach its destination on time and undamaged. Our packing, loading, unloading and transit methods are industry recognized to render maximum protection to every consignment, big or small. Here’s a list of motor vehicles that we ship to Africa.


We specialize in transporting
vehicles across the globe on time
with maximum
safety for a smooth shipping experience.

All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs
Whether you have a small ATV or an SxS going over 1000 cc, we’ll get it shipped. We make international ATV shipping simple.

Ship your motorcycles to any international location with the help of the leading freight forwarder in Canada.

Transport your snowmobiles with our flexible shipping solutions at competitive rates to experience hassle-free shipping like never before.

RVs & Motorhomes
Faster transit and more affordable global shipping of your RVs and motorhomes is now possible with our flexible ocean shipping services.

Jet Skis
To safely ship your valuable jet skis, use our consolidated container, FCL or RORO shipping.

Boats & Yachts
Our advanced RORO shipping methods ensure the safe and cost-effective transportation of wheel-less vehicles such as boats and yachts.

Golf Carts
Moving golf carts to a new location is a difficult task, but Viamar offers complete shipping solutions for these vehicles.

Shipping Destinations in Africa


Full Container Loads

Full Container Load (FCL) shipping means your shipment will take up a full container so it won’t share space with other shippers.


We advise choosing the FCL shipping method if you have a lot of items to ship and want the cargo to be secured within the container. It’s also a faster shipping method compared to shared containers as they don’t go through as many hubs as Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipments.


Our FCL services include delivering an empty container (ready to load) directly to your home where you can load your car (or any other vehicle) and seal the container for shipping. We have two sizes of container – 20 feet and 40 feet. Also, we share tracking details so you’re aware of the current location of your shipment.


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RORO Shipping 

Roll-on/roll-off is a shipping method where the ships used are designed to carry wheeled cargo like cars, trucks and trailers that are driven on and off the vessel on their own wheels. This is unlike other methods where vehicles are lifted onboard in containers using cranes. Viamar’s RORO shipping service is designed to ship tall and heavy cargo that doesn’t fit standard shipping containers, which typically consists of larger vehicles like trucks and heavy machinery. Many customers prefer the RORO method of shipping their vehicles to far-off destinations as it’s a more reliable way to send heavy vehicles and machinery. Since Africa’s Port of Durban is more than 11,000 nautical miles away from the Port of Toronto, RORO is a convenient and cost-effective yet safe method of car shipping to Africa. It’s a suitable method to ship almost anything with wheels.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

Shared or consolidated shipping is when a consignment of goods is shipped in a shared container along with other consignments. This is the preferred shipping method when the customer doesn’t have enough items to occupy the entire container.


Our consolidated shipping services give you the option of shipping your vehicles to their destination without booking the entire container. The best part is that the cost of consolidated shipping is calculated based on the volume of space you need inside the container. This is not only budget-friendly but convenient. Viamar’s shared container facility is the best bet if you have only one vehicle to ship.


Our devoted cargo team is always ready to help our customers. All you need to do is get in touch with our logistics experts and share the details of your shipment.

Shipping Insurance

Purchasing marine insurance before you ship your vehicle to Africa is advisable to get coverage against loss or damage in transit. Viamar’s marine insurance facility will give you peace of mind to operate in a global economy. Our aim is to keep your cargo safe; that’s why we recommend purchasing shipping insurance. It has several advantages, including:

Protection against total loss, fire, theft, damage, etc
Low chances of huge financial loss
No additional fees for release of the vehicle at destination
Easy availability of insurance at a nominal fee

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