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Vehicle Shipping to Asia

When it comes to guaranteed on-time and safe delivery of vehicles from Canada to Asia, Viamar Scilla is the most trusted name. Whether you’re relocating or sending a car as a present to a loved one in Asia, our reliable shipping services won’t let you down. With over four decades of experience, we provide our customers with secure and convenient overseas auto transport services and take the pain out of relocation and international shipping.

Shipping to Asia isn’t always easy. If the delivery destination is a country with ports like Singapore, India or South Korea, the process is relatively straightforward. However, if you’re sending your car to a landlocked Asian country like Bhutan or Mongolia, the process becomes more complicated. In that case, the vehicle needs to be transported through different countries. That’s why it’s necessary to have a shipping company onboard that’s familiar with the customs and regulations of each country and has an extensive network of delivery partners around the world.

At Viamar, we understand the challenges of shipping a vehicle to Asia and have the experience to deal with the relevant issues. With our affordable and flexible international shipping services, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be delivered on time and undamaged.


From luxury cars to vintage four-wheelers, we offer convenient vehicle shipping services across the world.

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We’re the industry leader in overseas motorcycle transport while ensuring their safety and on-time delivery.

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RVs & Motorhomes

Our expertise and dedication take away the stress from difficult-to-ship vehicles like RVs and motorhomes.

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Boats & Yachts

We have the right tools and equipment to ship boats and yachts undamaged to international destinations.

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All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs

We ensure that all ATV shipments are properly secured with special ties to protect fragile parts of the vehicle.

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Transporting heavy vehicles like snowmobiles overseas is easy and affordable with our flexible shipping services.

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Jet Skis

We’re the market leaders in shipping jet skis while ensuring exceptional customer service and no hidden costs.

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Golf Carts

We have the experience and resources to ship your golf cart with ease, thus saving you unnecessary hassle.

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Heavy Equipment

We can handle the overseas shipping of heavy equipment like bulldozers, cranes and dump trucks with ease.

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Shipping Destinations in Asia

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RORO Shipping

For large and heavy vehicles and machinery that don’t fit into standard shipping containers, Viamar Scilla provides Roll-On/Roll-Off, also known as RORO shipping. It’s a popular choice for international shipping of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, especially if you’re not comfortable with the idea of dismantling your car and shipping it in containers.

With over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry, and as an accredited member of CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) and FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), we guarantee the safe transportation of your vehicles with RORO shipping from Canada to anywhere in the world.

Compared to other shipping options, RORO is faster, as vehicles are loaded and unloaded on their wheels instead of cranes.

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Full Container Loads

Viamar’s Full Container Load (FCL) shipping option provides the safest way to move your vehicles internationally, especially if you have several vehicles to ship. Our flexible and customizable FCL services guarantee safe handling and delivery of your shipment to its preferred location.

To ship automobiles, Viamar has developed a special technique where we can safely load up to four cars in a 40-foot container instead of the standard two; this saves you both time and money. Along with loading and transporting, our logistics experts take care of the various other requirements associated with international shipping, such as documentation and customs clearance.

When you choose FCL shipping, all the vehicles and accessories inside the container are listed on a single bill of lading; meaning, they’re loaded and unloaded under the name of a single consignee.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

Don’t have enough cargo to fill the entire space of a standard container? Viamar Scilla offers Consolidated Container shipping, a flexible method of shipping from Canada to international locations in which cargo belonging to multiple consignors and consignees are loaded into a single container space.

With consolidated shipping you’re able to transport smaller amounts of cargo when FCL isn’t a viable option. The shipping charges are based on the volume of the container space, which is calculated per cubic metre, thus making it a cost-effective shipping option.

From custom clearance for international shipping to providing insurance, our team of professionals will be with you through every step of the process. You will also receive updates at each stage of the shipping process till delivery.

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Shipping Insurance

We don’t just help you ship your vehicles and other heavy equipment; we provide complete shipping solutions. That includes ensuring the safety of your shipment. We understand that you worry about your cargo. Thanks to our marine cargo insurance policy, customers can now get better peace of mind when shipping their personal or commercial belongings. When you purchase shipping insurance with our services, you get:

  • A complete insurance policy covering all risks and loss.
  • The best marine insurance rates in the industry.
  • Coverage against everything from packaging damage to customs rejection.
  • Assistance from logistics professionals and worry-free shipping.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Some Questions About Vehicle Shipping to Asia.

Q1. Can I track my car while it’s being shipped to Asia?

Yes. The tracking details will be shared with you.

Our team will share the tracking details of your consignment with you when the vehicle is shipped to Asia. You can track its current status and expected delivery with the help of details shared.

Q2. How long will it take to ship my car from Canada to Asia?

It depends on several factors.

The time taken to ship a vehicle from Canada to Asia depends on the sea route taken and type of shipping method chosen. It’s advisable to contact our staff who can advise you when to expect delivery of your consignment.

Q3. How should I prepare my vehicle for shipping?

There are a number of things to do before shipping your vehicle.

When preparing your car for shipping, make sure to add anti-freeze to your engine if travelling to a country with a cold climate. Disconnect auto alarms and anti-theft systems and remove all personal belongings from the car. Also, secure loose items, like antennas, and remove car covers.

Q4. How many types of shipping insurance do you offer?

Hull, cargo, freight and marine liability insurance.

We’re authorized to provide marine insurance certificates through Lloyd’s of London for all kinds of shipments. The types of shipping insurance that we provide are hull, cargo, insurance and marine liability insurance.