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Car Shipping from Canada to Australia

Ship Vehicles to Australia

Shipping a vehicle to Australia is tricky and challenging. North America and Australia are very far away from each other and there’s a huge stretch of dangerous ocean that needs to be covered. That’s why it’s important to hire a reliable international shipping company with experience and knowledge about the whole process, from end to end.


Viamar Scilla is the most trusted name when it comes to shipping vehicles globally. Our fast car shipping service to Australia includes several prominent ports including Adelaide, Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our affordable rates and well-established connections have made us the go-to international auto transport company in Canada. We ensure a smooth shipping process and timely delivery of your vehicle to Australia.


Our highly trained logistics professionals not only help you select a suitable shipping method for your car, truck or other heavy equipment but also complete all customs formalities, including the bill of lading. We’re aware of Australia’s strict quarantine regulations and make sure your vehicle abides by them before shipment to avoid legal issues. Put your trust in our auto transport services to get your vehicle delivered to Australia conveniently.


What We Ship?

Whether you’re moving abroad with family or sending cargo to a business partner in another country, we’ve got you covered. At Viamar Scilla, we offer comprehensive international shipping services thanks to a highly specialized team, a network of logistics partners, and a sound understanding of the customs-related rules and regulations of many countries. You can count on us to ship your household goods, cars, motorcycles, commercial cargo, project cargo, logs/lumber, and dangerous/hazardous goods to any location worldwide.

We provide quality services at a competitive price with the guarantee of delivering your shipment to its destination on time. Shipping vehicles and other cargo from Canada may sound like a taxing process that involves a lot of paperwork and hassle. But with our overseas shipping services, we promise to make it as simple and seamless as possible.

Types of Vehicles We Ship to Australia

Viamar Scilla is a long-established shipping company. We specialize in the transport of a wide variety of vehicles including luxury and vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, motorhomes, boats, jet skis, golf carts and all-terrain vehicles. With our highly experienced staff, we provide hassle-free and streamlined shipping services at competitive rates.

When shipping vehicles to Australia, we make sure they’re factory clean, with no biological material or dirt on them. This process is necessary in order to follow Australia’s strict quarantine regulations and avoid the vehicle being confiscated on arrival for failing its quarantine inspection. It’s advised that customers do their own research and be aware of these issues so as to prevent any unpleasant complications during shipping. Apart from taking care of the packing and loading of your vehicles, we also update you regarding your shipment by sharing the tracking details. When you entrust us with your cars, trucks or boats, rest assured that we understand the sentimental and monetary value of your vehicle and will keep it in good shape during shipment.



We specialize in transporting
vehicles across the globe on time
with maximum
safety for a smooth shipping experience.

All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs
Whether you have a small ATV or an SxS going over 1000 cc, we’ll get it shipped. We make international ATV shipping simple.

Ship your motorcycles to any international location with the help of the leading freight forwarder in Canada.

Transport your snowmobiles with our flexible shipping solutions at competitive rates to experience hassle-free shipping like never before.

RVs & Motorhomes
Faster transit and more affordable global shipping of your RVs and motorhomes is now possible with our flexible ocean shipping services.

Jet Skis
To safely ship your valuable jet skis, use our consolidated container, FCL or RORO shipping.

Boats & Yachts
Our advanced RORO shipping methods ensure the safe and cost-effective transportation of wheel-less vehicles such as boats and yachts.

Golf Carts
Moving golf carts to a new location is a difficult task, but Viamar offers complete shipping solutions for these vehicles.

Shipping Destinations in Australia

RORO Shipping 

Roll-on/roll-off is a shipping method where the ships used are designed to carry wheeled cargo like cars, trucks and trailers that are driven on and off the vessel on their own wheels. This is unlike other methods where vehicles are lifted onboard in containers using cranes. Viamar’s RORO shipping service is designed to ship tall and heavy cargo that doesn’t fit standard shipping containers, which typically consists of larger vehicles like trucks and heavy machinery. Many customers prefer the RORO method of shipping their vehicles to far-off destinations as it’s a more reliable way to send heavy vehicles and machinery. Since Africa’s Port of Durban is more than 11,000 nautical miles away from the Port of Toronto, RORO is a convenient and cost-effective yet safe method of car shipping to Africa. It’s a suitable method to ship almost anything with wheels.

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Full Container Loads

The Full Container Load (FCL) shipping provided by Viamar is a dependable and cost-effective way to transport vehicles from door to door globally. This method offers more flexibility and control as we can send the container to your location for loading and then seal it before shipping.

Our FCL services include secure and fully insured warehousing of your shipment(s), full documentation and paperwork (with no hidden charges), customs clearance and brokerage, and marine insurance. Also, we have different ocean freight containers in various sizes to provide flexible shipping services depending on the goods you want to ship.

When you entrust Viamar with the transportation of your valuable vehicles, rest assured that you’ll get budget-friendly and convenient shipping services. Feel free to contact our team to request a quote.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

Consolidated (or shared) containers are the preferred choice for transporting smaller shipments. Our Consolidated Container services to major destinations worldwide provide our customers with the flexibility to ship their goods without booking the entire container; instead, they share the space with other shippers.

This type of ocean freight forwarding service is affordable without compromising on timeliness and safety. Consolidated container services reduce transportation costs compared to that of booking a full container or using air freight.

With our team of experienced logistics professionals, we take care of your consolidated shipping requirements while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We strive to tailor our international auto transport solutions to your processes and needs to provide best-in-class ocean freight forwarding services.

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Shipping Insurance

Viamar Scilla offers shipping insurance to provide coverage against loss and damage in transit, thus allowing our customers to offset all or part of any monetary loss. We’re authorized to prepare cargo marine insurance certificates through Lloyd’s of London. This added protection benefits shippers in several ways. Here’s why you should purchase shipping insurance:


It gives you peace of mind.

It minimizes risk.

It covers financial losses.

It’s available at minimal rates.

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