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RoRo Shipping Services for Boats and Yachts

Viamar’s International RORO Shipping Services for Boats and Yachts

RORO, or roll-on/roll-off, ships are designed to transport wheeled cargo – specifically cars, boats and yachts – that can be driven on and off without using any lifting equipment. The vehicles are loaded onto the ship as if they were being driven into a parking garage.

Once boarded onto the RORO vessel, the boats and yachts are strapped and secured to prevent excessive movement and damage during transport. The metal protector beneath the boat is locked securely to the vehicle and tied to the ship deck to prevent accidents while on the ocean. This shipping method is not only efficient but cost effective. There is the added advantage of fixed and reliable departure and arrival dates, as RORO ship transport schedules run like that of an airline. Shipping a boat or yacht overseas is a breeze for Viamar as we’re an international shipping company with nearly 40 years of experience in freight forwarding.


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