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Vehicles Shipping to the Caribbean

Get your favourite vehicles shipped safely and punctually from Canada to the Caribbean with the help of Viamar Scilla, one of the most trusted names in the Canadian shipping industry. We assist clients who are relocating or simply want to ship a vehicle to another region for personal or commercial purposes. We’ve earned our status of one of the most trusted shipping companies in Canada because of our consistent services over four decades. Our overseas auto shipping is smooth, hassle free and fast.

The ease of shipping your cargo to the Caribbean depends upon the port to which we ship your vehicle. Shipping to Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the larger islands is straightforward, but the complexity of the process increases as your destination becomes more remote. Therefore, you will need the services of an experienced shipping company that knows the region well.

Viamar Scilla understands your needs and will do our best to overcome the challenges of shipping from Canada to the Caribbean. Our international shipping services are affordable and kept simple to ensure your vehicle is delivered on time and smoothly.

Types Of Vehicles We Ship to The Caribbean

From dump trucks to speed boats, we ship a wide range of vehicles internationally – an uncommon feature among other international vehicle shipping companies in Canada. Our professionals specialize in handling a variety of vehicles and guarantee that your shipment will be smoothly delivered. Some of the vehicles we ship include SUVs, jet skis, trucks, buses, motorhomes, exotic cars and RVs.

We have a very flexible and customizable ocean freight service to most major international destinations, including the Caribbean islands. You can either drop your vehicle at the nearest departure port or have us pick it up from your desired location. It can also be stored at our warehouse for a certain amount of time for your convenience. Paperwork and packing will be completed by our team of professionals so you don’t have to worry about it.

We specialize in vehicle transportation and freight delivery and are associated with both CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) and FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations). To get a quote for the services you need, just fill out our online form.


We ship luxury, exotic and vintage cars, along with convertibles and SUVs designed to seat 4-8 people. We transfer both new and used four-wheelers.

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There are different types of motorcycles, ranging from sports styles to classic designs. We can ship them from Canada to the Caribbean. We are the best in the industry for motorcycle shipping.

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RVs & Motorhomes

Don’t let an international move hinder your adventurous side. You can easily ship your motorhome or RV to your destination country from Canadian ports.

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Boats & Yachts

Rest assured that your yachts and boats will reach their destination undamaged when you ship with Viamar Scilla. We use the most advanced RORO shipping method.

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All-Terrain Vehicles/ ATVs

You’ll never run out of reasons to ride your ATV, no matter which Caribbean country is your destination. We’ll ensure that it’s safely shipped after being securely harnessed.

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The Caribbean may not be favourable for a snowmobile ride. But if you’re don’t wish to part with it, we will transport your snowmobile securely to any shipping location.

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Jet Skis

Ready to explore new cays and beaches on your jet ski? With our prompt and professional customer service and no hidden costs, we’re also expert jet ski shippers.

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Golf Carts

Many golfers own their own golf cart, and your passion for the sport isn’t going to change after your move. So, if you’re looking for ways to ship your golf cart, we’re your best solution.

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Heavy Equipment

We ship heavy industrial equipment and machines designed for mining or similar industries and ensure they’ll not be damaged in any way.

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Shipping Destinations in Caribbean

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RORO Shipping

Large heavy vehicles that don’t fit standard containers are shipped through RORO shipping. Trucks, buses, train coaches, heavy instruments with wheels – all such items are shipped through RORO shipping. Many clients who are uncomfortable having their large shipments dismantled opt for this shipping method. Compared to other shipping methods, the roll-on/roll-off method is faster as the vehicle can be driven onto the container, with no cranes involved.

With over 40 years of experience in international shipping, Viamar Scilla is an accredited member of CIFFA and FIATA. We guarantee the safe shipping of your expensive vehicles to the Caribbean from Canada.

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Full Container Loads

Full Container Load (FCL) shipping is one of the safest ways to transport your vehicle internationally from Canada. When you have several vehicles to ship, we can provide flexible and customizable containers that are handled safely so your shipment will be delivered to the required location. Viamar employs 40-foot containers that are used to ship up to four vehicles instead of the standard two. This cuts the time and cost to have your vehicles shipped. Besides loading and transporting the vehicles, our professionals take care of other services related to international shipping, like documentation and customs clearances.

By choosing FCL shipping, you ensure that all the accessories inside the vehicle are noted on a single bill of lading which means the chances of anything getting lost are negligible.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

Clients whose cargo isn’t large enough to fill an entire container can opt for consolidated or shared container shipping. Less than container load (LCL) shipping is one of the most cost-effective international shipping options you can choose for your vehicle. Cargoes belonging to multiple consigners and consignees are loaded into the same container when you choose this method. It is the perfect shipping option for those who are shipping only smaller amount of cargo. The cost is calculated based on the volume of the cargo (measured in cubic meters), making it an affordable choice.

Viamar Scilla’s team of professionals assist you with documentation and customs clearance so you can rest assured that your shipment will be smoothly transported. We also provide a tracking code so you can keep tabs on your shipment until it reaches its destination.

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Shipping Insurance

We provide our clients with a complete insurance solution for their shipment. You’ll feel peace of mind knowing your shipment is insured with our marine insurance policy. By purchasing our shipping insurance policy, you’re guaranteed:

  • That all risk and loss are covered.
  • You’ll get the best marine insurance rates.
  • That your coverage includes packaging damage and customs rejection.
  • Worry-free shipping.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about shipping your vehicle to the Caribbean? We have answers.

Q1. What documents are needed for shipping my vehicle?

You will need the Title of Ownership certificate, a Notarized Bill of Sale and the Original Certificate of Origin.

If the vehicle is pre-owned, the existing certificate of title must be endorsed by the seller to the new owner. The necessity of these documents depends largely on from which port it’s being shipped.

Q2. Are the containers airtight?

No, the shipping containers are not airtight.

Changes in temperature and humidity will have some effect on your shipment, depending on how long the shipping takes. To avoid any adverse effects, cover the vehicle with plastic or a similar weatherproof material before it’s moved into a container.

Q3. Can you guarantee the delivery date?

The delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

We can provide the expected date of departure and arrival to different ports, but it cannot be guaranteed. Port congestion, custom delays and rerouting are just some unforeseen circumstances that have to be taken into consideration.

Q4. What amount of gas should be left in the car’s tank?

The car’s tank must be 1/4 full.

This is necessary if you opt for roll-on/roll-off shipping. If the tank is more than 1/4 full, it will be drained, and this will incur additional charges.