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Vehicle Shipping to Europe

Shipping your vehicle to Europe has never been so simple, reasonably priced or convenient. Viamar Scilla has over 40 years of experience providing our customers with reliable international shipping services. Our experts pair industry knowledge with a global network of ports and terminals to offer a smooth, hassle-free vehicle delivery process.

Viamar offers both air and ocean freight based on your budget, timeline and the type of vehicle to be transported. We’re one of the most trusted names when it comes to shipping vehicles globally, and provide fast car shipping to some of the most prominent European ports, including Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, Marseille and Amsterdam. Our well-established connections and pocket-friendly rates make us the go-to international auto transport company in Canada. We work hard to make sure your vehicle is delivered to Europe with speed and safety.

Viamar Scilla understands the difficulties of shipping a vehicle to Europe and has the experience to deal with any issues that may arise. Owing to our flexible and affordable shipping services, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is going to be delivered damage free and on time.

Types of Vehicles We Ship to Europe

When searching for an auto-shipping company, you’ll soon discover that not all of them deal with a wide range of vehicles, regardless of their type, use, condition or year of manufacture. Viamar Scilla specializes in shipping a variety of motor vehicles including SUVs, trucks, jet skis, motorhomes, RVs and exotic cars. Additionally, we have transport experience with vintage and luxury cars, golf carts, yachts and boats.

Our team takes great care with every vehicle we deal with to ensure they’re packed and shipped on schedule. Our flexible and customizable ocean freight services to all major international destinations, including Europe, is the primary reason our customers keep coming back. Either drop the vehicles off yourself at a departure port close to you or let us pick them up. Alternatively, you can store your vehicle at our warehouse.

We take full responsibility for your vehicle until it's in your possession. Our international shipping services ensure that your motor vehicles remain in great condition and reach their destination undamaged. Fill out our online quotation form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your needs.


From vintage four-wheelers to luxury cars, we offer our hassle-free services globally. We ship both new and used cars.

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Whether you’re an avid motorcyclist or an online buyer/dealer, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in safe hands.

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RVs & Motorhomes

As experts in shipping motorhomes and RVs on time all over the world, we serve buyers, dealers and RV enthusiasts.

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Boats & Yachts

Our experience combined with having the right tools allow us to transport your yacht or boat to any international destination.

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All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs

From dune buggies to sand rails and ATVs, we offer completely safe and secure international transport services.

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We specialize in shipping snowmobiles globally at affordable rates via our reliable and safe services.

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Jet Skis

We’re one of the leading companies when it comes to shipping jet skis on time and on budget to your specified location in Europe.

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Golf Carts

Our shipping services also include expertly transporting golf carts to major international ports without delay.

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Heavy Equipment

We also handle the shipping of heavy equipment like cranes, dump trucks and bulldozers without hassle.

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Shipping Destinations in Europe

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RORO Shipping

The easiest way to ship vehicles worldwide is via RORO shipping. In this method, the vehicles are ‘rolled on’ a specially designed vessel at the port of origin and ‘rolled off’ at their destination. To simplify matters, the freight is driven onto the ship instead of being lifted by crane.

This method can be used to transport vehicles that don’t have wheels such as boats, snowmobiles and other heavy plant equipment. It’s a practical method of ocean freight transport for oversized vehicles that are difficult to fit into standard containers.

If you’re considering using RORO for your commercial or personal freight, let Viamar Scilla help you. We will handle and deliver your vehicles with care, ensuring they remain in great shape.

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Full Container Loads

Viamar Scilla’s Full Container Load (FCL) shipping is the safest way to transport your vehicles from one location to another all over the world. This can be extremely helpful if you need to send more than one. Our cost-effective, customizable and flexible FCL services assure the safe handling and delivery of your freight to its destination.

We’ve developed a special technique to ship automobiles that allows us to load as many as four cars inside a 40-foot container instead of the standard two. This helps you save both money and time.

Our logistics experts take care of loading, unloading and all other requirements associated with international vehicle shipping such as customs clearance and documentation.

Choose our FCL shipping to ensure all your vehicles and their accessories are loaded into a single container and listed on one bill. This means they will all be loaded and unloaded under a single consignee’s name.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

If you don’t have enough cargo to fill an entire container, don’t worry. At Viamar Scilla we offer consolidated shipping for small shipments that don’t require a full container. This is a completely flexible method of shipping from Canada to international locations where cargo belonging to more than one consignee is loaded into a single container.

With our consolidated services, you can easily transport smaller cargo when FCL might not be a suitable option. Charges are based on the volume of the space in the container which is calculated per cubic metre. This makes it one of the most cost-effective options for shipping your cargo.

From offering insurance to customs clearance for international shipping, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You will also receive updates at every stage of the process until your delivery is complete, ensuring you stay in the loop at all times.

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Shipping Insurance

It’s advisable to purchase marine insurance before shipping your car to Europe. This will cover your cargo against damage or loss during transit and give you peace of mind. At Viamar Scilla we are authorized to prepare certificates for marine cargo insurance through Lloyd’s of London. Here are some ways in which you’ll benefit:

  • Lower chance of suffering major financial losses
  • Protection against damage, theft, loss, fire, etc.
  • No added fees when releasing the vehicle at its destination
  • Insurance available at a nominal fee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about vehicle shipping to Europe? We’re happy to answer them.

Q1. What’s the best shipping method if I need to transport more than one vehicle to Europe?

RORO and FCL shipping are your best options.

If you’re looking to ship more than one car to Europe, RORO and FCL (Full Container Load) are the two best options. With RORO, you can load several cars on vessels specially designed for vehicle shipping. If you choose FCL, you’ll be able to load an entire container with up to four cars.

Q2. Can I track my car while it’s being shipped to Europe?

Yes, you will be given tracking details to keep track of your shipment.

We will share tracking details of your consignment once the vehicle is shipped to Europe. This will allow you to track its status along with the expected delivery date.

Q3. Can I transport my vehicle without the keys?

No. A copy is required.

We cannot ship any vehicle without its keys. They are required to unlock the steering wheel and ignition so it can be put into gear and steered to load on and off the trailer and container.

Q4. How long will it take to ship my car from Canada to Europe?

This depends on several factors.

The length of time a car needs to be shipped from Canada to Europe depends on the sea route taken and shipping method chosen. Our experienced staff will keep you updated regarding the delivery.