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Vehicle Shipping to North America

Shipping a vehicle to North America couldn’t get easier or more affordable when you use our international freight forwarding services. With more than 40 years of experience in global shipping, Viamar Scilla offers its customers efficient and reliable services. We provide both ocean and air freight services, depending on the type of vehicle to be shipped, your time constraints and budget. Whether it’s a car, truck, motorhome or boat, we can transport any type of vehicle, easily and quickly. We have the knowledge and expertise to pack and send classic cars and other expensive vehicles to their destination on time.

Whether you’re relocating or sending vehicles for personal or commercial purposes, Viamar provides shipping service to major North America countries like Mexico, and smaller places like Saint Pierre and Miquelon. No matter your vehicle’s kind or size, we do our best to deliver it safely and on time – just the way you packed it. Aside from providing a safe and smooth shipping service, we also offer marine insurance to protect you against potential loss or damage of your vehicle in transit. Simply provide us your shipment’s details and its destination and we’ll take care of the rest.

Types Of Vehicles We Ship to North America

As a trusted name in international shipping, Viamar has the skills and experience to transport all types of vehicles, including new and vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, boats, yachts, ATVs, RVs and golf carts. Whether you want to ship a sports car to Honolulu or a motorhome to Manzanillo, our freight forwarding services to North America are second to none.

From packaging and loading to transit and delivery, we make sure that the entire process is secure and hassle free. The people, technology and shipping techniques we employ have earned us a reputation for world-class service and excellence.


Use our customized shipping solutions to ship vehicles to all parts of North America.

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We offer safe, reliable and on-time global shipping services for all types of motorcycles.

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RVs & Motorhomes

Ship RVs and motorhomes safely and swiftly with our flexible international shipping solutions.

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Boats & Yachts

Our skilled technicians ensure safe packing, loading and delivery of boats and yachts.

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All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs

We guarantee secure and timely transportation of ATVs to all major parts of North America.

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Trust us for secure snowmobile shipping services. We are fully certified.

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Jet Skis

We offer fully-secured jet ski shipping solutions at surprisingly affordable rates.

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Golf Carts

Viamar offers some of the best deals on international golf cart shipping services.

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Heavy Equipment

We are experts at international heavy equipment shipping, including North America.

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Shipping Destinations in North America

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RORO Shipping

With Full Container Load (FCL) shipping, your cargo occupies an entire container of any size for shipment. Since this method is usually under the account of one transporter and one consignee, the customs approval process for your cargo is faster than other transport methods. It's also more secure and free from hassles because there are fewer halts and fewer shipping agents handling the goods.

Viamar uses 40-foot containers to transport up to four vehicles at a time; this ensures timely and cost-effective shipment of multiple vehicles to the same destination. We also provide two weeks of free storage at our warehouse to let you store your automobiles.

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Full Container Loads

RORO (or Roll-On/Roll-Off) is an excellent method for shipping heavy goods/vehicles using ramps that are either mounted on the RORO vessel or permanently fixed at the port. Unlike LOLO (or Lift-On/Lift-Off) shipping, which uses a crane to lift and load cargo inside a container, RORO involves wheeled goods, like motorcycles and cars, that can roll on and off the vessel on their own. For wheel-less vehicles like boats, ships and yachts, machinery and heavy equipment, such as a special high-capacity platform vehicle, is used for loading.

At Viamar, we have expert and dedicated RORO shipping professionals who are committed to safe loading and unloading of your expensive vehicles. Our world-class shipping technology has earned us our stellar reputation within the global transportation industry.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

If you’re shipping multiple small goods that aren’t enough to occupy an entire container, our consolidated/shared container service is your best option. Unlike Full Container Loads where you book the whole container, here you share it with other customers sending goods to the same destination as yours. It’s the most cost-effective shipping method for small vehicles like motorcycles.

At Viamar, we always work in close contact with our clients throughout the entire process. From goods loading and delivery to documentation and customs clearances, we do it all for you. We also provide you with a tracking code to keep tabs on your consignment until it reaches its destination.

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Shipping Insurance

Shipping vehicles to an international destination has its risks. Apart from natural calamities like earthquakes and tornadoes, other incidents, like piracy, may result in major losses. Hence, proper marine insurance is a must when sending goods overseas. Viamar provides you with global shipping insurance for all types of cargo and shipping procedures, from single vessel and RORO shipments to complex fleets and multinational logistics. Here are some ways in which you’ll benefit:

  • Protection against damage or loss in transit
  • Lower chance of financial loss
  • No added delivery fees
  • Flexible insurance options available for all clients
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions related to vehicle shipping to North America? Find the answers below.

Q1. Which is the safest shipping option for classic cars?

All shipping methods are safe.

Even though all shipping methods are safe, transporting inside a container is the safest option as the goods are protected from external damage. However, this involves multiple shipping operations so there is some risk. Your best bet is to purchase marine cargo insurance.

Q2. Are delivery dates guaranteed?

No, all dates are estimates.

Although we try our best to deliver your shipment on time, unavoidable circumstances can cause delays. For this reason, we ask that you give us the earliest possible date you would be willing to release the vehicle, even though it may not be your preferred date.

Q3. Which is the better shipping method for my boat: full container or RORO?

This depends on the size and number of boats you intend to ship.

If you have a luxury large boat that requires minimal handling, RORO is the best option. However, if you’re shipping multiple small boats to a single destination, full container is best.

Q4. What is required to clear my container at the destination port?

This depends on the country to which you are shipping.

Generally, the receiver will need the vehicle ownership documents and a detailed packing list with the value of the contents. There may be other things required to pick up your vehicle, depending on the country to which you are shipping.