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RORO Method For International Shipping

Viamar Scilla has been offering car and heavy equipment shipping services overseas from anywhere in Canada for over 44 years.

Our shipping via the Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) method is an efficient and less expensive alternative for loading and shipping your vehicles overseas. We ship everything from automobiles and motorcycles to off-road vehicles and jet-skis using our specialized RORO method.

If you want your heavy equipment and vehicle dismantled before shipping, get in touch with our professionals for assistance on comprehensive dismantling and assembly services.


Efficient Roll-On/Roll-Off Auto Shipping Services

RO/RO shipping offers a swift and economical solution for transporting vehicles internationally. This method involves vehicles being driven directly onto the ship and off again upon arrival. It’s particularly advantageous for handling cars, motorcycles, and heavy equipment that are in operable condition, ensuring a quick loading and unloading process.


Benefits of RO/RO Shipping for International Transport

Utilizing RO/RO shipping methods provides numerous benefits including cost efficiency, reduced handling risks, and faster shipping times. This method eliminates the need for additional packing and unpacking, significantly reducing potential damages and costs associated with lengthy cargo handling.


What Is RORO Shipping?

RORO shipping is the perfect method of loading and unloading your vehicles if they’re too heavy to be moved otherwise. It’s a much safer and less costly way to ship overseas, and your vehicles don’t require any dismantling. You cannot however load anything into your vehicle with this method and it must be in run-and-drive condition.


Our car shipping services make sure that your vehicles are accommodated safely for long-distance shipping. To be honest, when you’re looking for a safe shipping method that’s not overly expensive, this is the way to go.


We specialize in transporting
vehicles across the globe on time
with maximum
safety for a smooth shipping experience.

All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs
Whether you have a small ATV or an SxS going over 1000 cc, we’ll get it shipped. We make international ATV shipping simple.

Ship your motorcycles to any international location with the help of the leading freight forwarder in Canada.

Transport your snowmobiles with our flexible shipping solutions at competitive rates to experience hassle-free shipping like never before.

RVs & Motorhomes
Faster transit and more affordable global shipping of your RVs and motorhomes is now possible with our flexible ocean shipping services.

Jet Skis
To safely ship your valuable jet skis, use our consolidated container, FCL or RORO shipping.

Boats & Yachts
Our advanced RORO shipping methods ensure the safe and cost-effective transportation of wheel-less vehicles such as boats and yachts.

Golf Carts
Moving golf carts to a new location is a difficult task, but Viamar offers complete shipping solutions for these vehicles.

Benefits Of RORO Shipping (And When To Use It)

RORO shipping has many benefits. Affordability is one of the primary ones; it’s also the fastest shipping method. You can also get your shipment transported quickly without additional costs. Saving on shipping also means you’ll save on duties and taxes. Another benefit of RORO shipping is the convenience. With almost any type of vehicle being loaded and shipped, you don’t need to pull them apart to fit them in a container. If you’re shipping a precious vintage automobile, exotic car or heavy equipment/oversized vehicles that wouldn’t fit in a 20’/40’ HC container, this is the best solution.


Custom RO/RO Shipping Solutions for Diverse Needs

Viamar tailors RO/RO shipping services to accommodate a wide range of vehicles from luxury cars to oversized machinery. This flexibility allows for safe and secure transport of valuable and sensitive equipment, offering peace of mind to vehicle owners and commercial shippers alike.



Streamlined Process and Documentation for RO/RO Shipping

Viamar simplifies the documentation and procedures required for RO/RO shipping, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Detailed planning and expert handling are provided to meet international shipping regulations and to facilitate smooth customs clearance.

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What makes RO/RO shipping a preferred choice for vehicle transport?

RO/RO shipping is preferred for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Vehicles are driven directly onto the ship, cutting down on loading times and reducing the risk of damage. This method is ideal for operable vehicles and is often used for its quick transit times and lower handling requirements.